Hami Yuwa

"Hami yuwa" is an organisation of Youth , purely non profit office registered in Morang district .

We are Team

Hami Yuwa is a Non-Government Organization

We are Hami Yuwa

Our Mission is to spread Positivity

Hami yuwa


Our Mission is to motivate the youth..


We provide an environment of creativity into youth by providing them the platform.


"Hami yuwa" actually work on youth networking.


We develop leadership quality into the youth

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Hami yuwa" is a youth led organization. We are the organization which provide platform for youth and help them to develop their leadership , personality, decision making , positivity, optimism etc.

"Hami yuwa" actually work on youth networking.


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Hami Yuwa a non profit youth organization.
We provide a platform for creating leadership qualities in youth.
 We provide a platform for creating personality in youth.
Youth decision making is another quality that needs to be put forward, that's what we do.
Optimism also needs to be planted into the youth for boosting their self esteem.

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Hami Yuwa

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